Thank you for your consideration in participating in Extreme Baseball’s 2nd Annual Hitting Camp 101, presented by Extreme Baseball’s coaching staff, instructors from the Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals organizations and varies college coaches.  EXB’s Hitting Camp 101 is designed to assist high school baseball players in taking their hitting skills to the next level.  This camp will provide an indepth look at Rotational Hitting.  Hitters will learn the concept of Rotational Hitting, along with the EXB Pillars for success. Through individual instruction, small group training, and focused development, the knowledge and experience of our team of instructors will be passed along to the next generation of baseball players.
$250 value
Instructors :
Leading the way is Donzell McDonald, EXB’s Director of Operations, and current Texas Rangers Hitting Coach.  Donzell was a 1995 draft pick of the New York Yankees, and enjoyed 16 years of professional baseball, including time with the Yankees, Royals, Indians, and Braves.
Camp Description:
Prospects attending Hitting Camp 101 will have the opportunity to develop and display their offensive hitting skills.  Players will be separated into age groups and will rotate through numerous stations supervised by instructors. These stations and drills are designed to develop sound fundamentals which will improve offensive hitting skills.  Not only will players learn from current and former MLB players, coaches, and scouts, they will be exposed to current college coaches and recruiting directors .
Hitting Camp 101 Registration Fee is $140 per player.  Lunch will be provided for Campers.

Camp Dates and Location:
February 26, 2012
9:00AM to 2:00PM
Glendale Community College - Glendale, AZ
What to Bring:
Each player is responsible for bringing and maintaining their own equipment, and is expected to be in proper baseball attire each day, including:
  • Baseball pants
  • Baseball socks
  • Baseball belt
  • Baseball cleats and turf shoes
  • Batting Gloves
  • Baseball hat
  • Water bottle, sun screen and lip balm

EXB’s team of instructors at Camp 101 will also include:

Josh Shelton - EXB/Rangers Scout Team Director of Player
Development, Asst. Coach at Verrado HS

Damon Hollins- Kansas City Royals Hitting Instructor, Former MLB Player

Vinny Lopez - Texas Rangers Hitting Instructor

Ed Trujillo - EXB/Rangers Scout Team Field Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator/Asst. and Hitting Coach at Glendale Community College

Ryan Cougill - Recruiting Coordinator/Asst. and Hitting Coach at Yavapai Community College

Doyle Wilson - Head Coach at Arizona Christian University

Alex Celis - EXB/Rangers Scout Team Infield Instructor, Head Coach at Westview HS

Steve Soto - EXB/Rangers Scout Team Outfield Instructor, Asst. Coach at Westview HS

Shea Clark - EXB/Rangers Scout Team Outfield Instructor, Head Coach at Copper Canyon HS

Aaron Rave - EXB/Rangers Scout Team Hitting Instructor, Asst. Coach at Copper Canyon HS

Daniel Nelson - Current Professional Player (Braves Organization)
Players will receive 5 hours of Hitting instruction in the following areas:
  • "Rotational hitting"
         (concept and principals)
  • Stride and Separation
  • Hitting behind the ball
  • Weight transfer
  • Off-Speed pitch hitting
  • Establishing individual hitting zones
  • Knowledge of the K zone (hittable vs. driveable)
  • Patience at the plate
  • Hitting with 2 strikes
  • Situational Hitting
  • Choosing the right bat and weight
  • Plate coverage
  • Self Discipline
  • Preparation
  • Accountability
Now is the time to take advantage of the EXB Hitting Camp 101 and experience the development, instruction, and exposure it has to offer!

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Extreme Baseball's  2nd Annual
(Rotational Hitting)
February 26, 2012  9:00am-2:00pm
Glendale Community College-Glendale, AZ
Ages 9 and up
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